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I feel like quilting is one of those crafts that unless you are taught to you by a friend or loved one, it's easily overlooked.

My mom has made quilts for all of us kid and they are absolute treasures to have. I live in NZ now and my mom is in Canada, but every time I put the quilt she made me out on my bed I'm reminded of everything about her, particularly her love for me.

A beautiful lasting gift right? So why not learn? We've created a kit with everything you need to get started with this artform. Literally EVERYTHING! Take a look at what this incredibly unique kit includes:

This kit includes:

Video Gallery Access to Tutorials

A short written Introduction to quilting

A seam ripper

Sewing Needles

A set of two scissors


Safety Pins

A plastic thimble

Quilting Clips

Fat Quarters of Blush, Charcoal, and Mustard

Hexagonal Templates in Various Sizes

Personally, I don't quilt so I found a NZ maker/artist Tanya to help me develop this kit. She's made some incredible pieces over the years!

Learn more about here in our meet our makers section!