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Secondary Rug Backing Fabric

Punch Needle Supplies NZ

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Want to finish your rug right? Using wool and don't want the wool to degrade over time from glue?

Want to be able to repair your precious creation in the years to come? Then you need this fabric.

Whip stitch or use an Industrial sewing machine to attach this fabric to your rug. There is no need to glue the back. When you use this secondary backing. Or, want to cover the glue? You can use this as well.

It gives your rug a professional finish and help your rug be a functional part of anyone home as well as a piece of art! Here are the deets:

Secondary backing fabric -

  • Made from 35% cotton, 65% polyester 
  •  -Density 27 x 26 stitches per 2 square inches
  • -Double warp & double weft -Width 4.2 meters