Russian Embroidery Punch Needle 8 size Kit

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This is a small Russian style punch needle which is used with embroidery floss or thin yarns.

The needle comes in a set with one metal handle and 7 needles which are numbered #9, #10, #12, #14, #16, #18, #20 . As the number gets higher the number of embroidery floss strands that can be used. #20 comes with it's own handle and can work with 4 ply yarns.

The package also includes: 2 x threaders, 4 x Embroidery thread,1 x plastic box

This is a great versatile needle set for people who want to get started with punch needle embroidery. #9 - #16 will work on weavers cloth, #18 & #20 will work on weavers cloth or a fine linen weave as well. #20 works on monks cloth.