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PRE-SALE: NO YARN Clever Poppy Makers Academy Beginner Punch Needle Kit!

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Julie and I have worked so hard to get you the BEST Beginners Punch Needle Kit Imaginable!

Here's the deal!

Well if you don't want the custom dyed Prosper Yarn, we still have you covered.

This kit includes an ABCD Adjustable Punch Needle, the best beginner punch needle around (and trust me i've tried them all!).

There aren't heaps of rules in punch needling, but one is keeping your cloth tight as a drum while you punch. Unfortunately, this can't be achieved with your average wooden embroidery hoop. So, in this kit you will get  a 21cm Non-slip hoop. This hoop is double grooved to hold your cloth tight!

You will also get a piece of beautiful monks cloth measuring about 30cm x 30cm. This Monks cloth with white guidelines is by far the best foundation cloth that is out there. You won't find Monks cloth in Spotlight, and you won't find this quality monks cloth anywhere else in NZ! Did I mention that the edges will be serged? Monks cloth unravels very easily leaving a total mess. I serge the edges so only my living room end up a mess!

Lastly. the threaders that come with the ABCD adjustable needle aren't quite the right size for needle and they are super easy to loose. So I will supply a custom made threader that is durable and has a handy wood bead on the end.

Let's Summarize:

1. The best beginner punch needle, the ABCD Adjustable Punch Needle

2. A Non-Slip Hoop

3. 30cm x 30cm Piece of Monks Cloth.

**This kit will be shipped asap since we do not have to wait on yarn:)

**Please also note, the materials are not available at your local craft store. Please be wary that the punch needle products commonly sold at your local shop are small punch needles that work embroidery cotton and 4ply yarns. 

**Hessian is considered a foundation fabric for Punch Needling. However, this is not recommended for beginners. It is not forgiving like the cotton Monks Cloth supplied in this kit. Monks cloth is a specialty even-weave fabric originally used for Swedish weaving and punch needling. It has a stretch to it that is very specific to this kind of cloth.