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Off Cuts - Rug Hooking and Punch Needle Gripper Frame

Punch Needle Supplies NZ

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NOW WITH A DEEPER PUNCHING AREA! AND NARROW EDGE. Giving you more room to punch! This listing is for frames made with offcuts of gripper strips from making other frames. This means you might have quite short pieces making up one side of your frame. I use these all the time and find there is no difference in how they perform! Just purchase and request your frame size and I will determine if i have enough off-cuts to make the frame of your choosing. If I don't I can put your order on hold until I do or refund you. Thanks! Gripper strip frames: This frame can be used for holding your cloth while punch needling and or for other needlepoint work. These frames are made with high quality gripper strips from Europe on a pine frame. They are handmade with love and care. Keeping your fabric tight as a drum while punch needling is so important. I only use gripper frames as i find they are the only thing that keeps my fabric tight enough, particularly when i am doing punch needle embroidery on weavers cloth. This will be your best friend!! CAN BE SHIPPED IN 4 PIECES TO REDUCE COST. All you need is a screw driver! PLEASE NOTE MY SHIPPING COST IS AN ESTIMATE. DEPENDING ON THE SIZE OF THE FRAME THIS PRICE MAY BE MORE OR LESS! They also come with a cozy to protect your arm from the grip. Please ask for WHOLESALE options.