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Introduction to Punch Needle Embroidery Kit with Blue Adjustable Punch Needle

Punch Needle Supplies NZ

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Learn to punch Needle!

This kit comes with everything you need to successful learn to punch Needle Embroider.

It comes with an Ebook and Tutorial Video.

This kit includes:

A cute design by the talented Meeko Prints

Weavers Cloth stretch on a pine frame.

A blue adjustable Punch Needle

Pins to hold your design to the cloth to transfer the image

3 colors of cotton yarn


A water soluble transfer pen

My Gripper frames are a great addition to these kits. Weavers cloth has to be tight as a drum for punching. These frames keep it tight at all times!

If you would like a different punch needle in your kit, like an Ultra Punch Needle, that is an option when our new stock arrives.