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The REAL NZ Rug Yarn Cones *MORE COLOURS* - 14 ply 100% Merino Rug Yarn Hand-dyed and wound to Cones for Rug Tufting

Punch Needle Supplies NZ

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Well finally eh!

We've got rug yarn and an endless supply at that!

It can be dyed to any colour because i do the hand-dyeing!.

Right now we have a select amount of colours to choose from but we are waiting for more dye colours  

This yarn is 100% merino 14ply spun by Wild Earth Yarns.

It is Perfect for Rug Tufting. You only need 1 Strand of Yarn in your tufting gun because of how thick and lush this is. 

Along with being soft merino. It's also Incredibly durable!

How it works:

1. Place your order

2. We'll custom dye your yarn

3. We will wind it to cones using a professional yarn winding machine. 

4. We ship your order!

The Yarn Cones We have ordered are about 8 days away.

They are unfortunately plastic so we will include a return bag for you to send us back the cones so they may be re-used! If you do this you will get 5% off your next order! 

I am avidly looking for a supply of 29cm cardboard yarn cones. If you know where I could get these even in small quantities I would appreciate it!!

Happy Tufting and Happy Punching Everyone!