AK III Pneumatic Loop and Cut Pile Tufting Machine - Ships Jan 25th! by DHL Express

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*NOW SHIPPING VIA DHL* USA - guaranteed 4-8 working days EUROPE & OTHER 5-8 working days AUS- 2-3 Working Days. This is quite literally the best tufting machine I've come across. It's relatively lightweight and has a huge range of pile height. You can get things *really* fluffy with this guy! Despite the complicated setup the machine is delightful simple and compact! As a Mechatronics engineer I give the people who engineered this machine a giant thumbs up! I highly recommend it as an investment if you can manage it. I would even say it's suitable for a beginner as long as you have some understanding of machinery or are willing to put a bit of time in to understand the pneumatic system before rushing in to use the gun! More images of its capabilities coming soon along with videos on how to use it after my demonstration in New Plymouth on Dec 5th which will be video taped. Please note you will need an air compressor for this machine. We recommend the Ryobi Airwave 40L oil free compressor. AUS and NZ fittings are primarily 1/4" Nitto or Aro. Because the machine comes with a 3/8" aro. Male fitting you will need a 3/8" female aro fitting (I found mine at blackwoods safety NZ) Then you will need a brass bps female reducer 3/8" to 1/4" to attach it to a 1/4" hose. (I got mine at RS components.) Want your tufting gun a bit cheaper? Visit www.punchneedlesuppliesnz.com my website let's me avoid etsy fees. Shipping is still via DHL Express worldwide!