Adjustable Embroidery Punch Needle

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This adjustable punch needle is an excellent alternative to the ultra punch needle.

The tips are interchangeable with a locking mechanism similar to the ultra punch needle.

This needle will work best on weavers cloth with a 480PPSI punch needle frame or weavers cloth stretched on a pine frame.

Package Contents:

1x Handle 

1x 1.3mm Punch Needle, 1x 1.6mm Punch Needle, 1x 2.2mm Yarn Needle

2x Needle Threader Color: Blue & White

Function: Punch Needle / Punch Needle Embroidery

Needle: 1.3/1.6/2.2mm( Diameter) /3.5cm(Length)

Handle Length: 13cm 

STITCHING- Backstitch, loop, satin stitch and more! This punch needle set will do all you need to complete any project, stitching as quickly as if you were drawing a picture! How to use

1.Penetrate the needle into the fabric 

2.Pull the needle up and move it ahead to next stitch (don't lift it above the surface of the fabric)

3.Repeat the process