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Do You Want to be a Collaborator?

Do You Want to Collaborate with US?

Do you want to make a kit to show people how to do your favorite craft? 

As long as you have an original design we'd be SO excited to work with you. 

Do I need to be an expert at my craft? Do I need to be a business?

No! Just able enough to show a beginner what to do!

What's Involved?

Your time - It takes time to build a kit that people can follow and learn from. You will probably need to make videos and a written tutorial that people can follow. Don't worry though! I will help you with that!

But you already have a Kit in the type of Craft I do?

That doesn't matter, we still want to hear from you! You can always show us a totally different way of kitting, crochet, weaving, felting etc!

What Does EyeFeltForYou Do?

We find supplier for all the supplies your kit will need. 

We advertise them. We Sell them. We package them. We handle the hard parts.

We also advertise you and what you create so that people looking to Shop Local find YOU!

Just flick me an e-mail at if you are interested! Or by Text 021357456.